About me

Gregory Peters, Painter


Among other things, I am a painter.  I've spent years perfecting my art to the point where it is good enough for you. To make that happen, I've been a number of things for a number of reasons. I've been a graphic designer, artist, art director, plumber, writer, presentations producer, speaker, sculptor, copywriter, carpenter, husband, father, grandfather, traveler, friend, engineer, mechanic, historian, patriot, veteran, cowboy, hippie, printer, gardener and sailor. I've travelled the world and helped build amazing engineering like the B-2 Stealth Bomber. My designs grace some fortune 500 companies and my paintings reside in home around the world.

Over the years I've created a great deal of images of every sort. I've never actually sold as many artworks as I would have liked, but I enjoyed the experience of creating something from nothing nonetheless.

For this reason, many of the images you see are new to you as well as the world. Images can tell many stories, and many of these works of art do. To expand upon the story and allow the art to speak for itself, I wrapped my "collection" of images with a bit of graphic magic and re-imagined a more contemporary feeling with its roots in the country.

Why country? Well, ask yourself where the roots of our country were derived. The visual imagery coupled with the wisdom of the ages and the truth of nature are a large part of our culture.

We don't live in the past, but much of what we feel and experience is derived from simple things we all know and appreciate.  The way you feel when you stand by a stream burbling over the rocks, or listen to the sound of the wind in the treetops, or run your hands over the rough grain of an old split rail fence are what I'm referring to.

This is the country and when you invite it into your contemporary environment you make a connection between you, nature and your imagination.  Images that call forth a distant memory or connect you to a familiar feeling will enhance your environment and improve your life. Who doesn't want that?

Yes, that's right. Having creativity and color as part of your world improves your life. That's what I offer.

In addition, I genuinely want those who enjoy my art to have some! I've gone to great lengths to make this possible by making my art as inexpensive as I can so owning it is easily attainable. You can get to know more about me by travelling through my diverse collections of art, but I share a bit more within my monthly newsletter. Sign up for it and I'll help put some of my art on your wall. FREE.

So, what I've done is both some fun and colorful canvas prints celebrating contemporary country, the beach and Wine Country. Additionally, I'd suggest you look at some of my original 3D art, as much sculpture in some cases as paintings. These works of art are not inexpensive as they take a great deal of time to create. Of each one, there is no other. They are unique.  Imagine. Something unique in all the world on your wall!  Talk about a conversation piece.

These paintings are very different as you will see. You get a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a part of me. So jump on up into my imaginary old pickup and lets take a ride together down a country road and make this journey fun!  I welcome you into my world.