Prints or Original Works of Art?

Two types of art are displayed on this site. Fine art originals and Prints.  

FINE ART ORIGINALS are one-of-a-kind artworks which may be painted in acrylics on canvas or board, and 3D originals which consist of paintings enhanced by wood, paper, metal, canvas or other materials to enhance the image so that it appears very realistic. The paintings are hand crafted, including the frame and are very rustic in nature.  I offer custom orders if interested at no additional expense.

PRINTS are in a category unto themselves. Some of my prints are images of original works of art.  Only one may own an original, but many may enjoy a print.  Some of my prints are originals themselves in that they are derived from an original and digitally "enhanced" while others are produced digitally as original digital prints created with a variety of graphic techniques.  Many of these prints derived from original paintings are in my opinion, more interesting than the originals.

ORDERING AN ORIGINAL work of art is not difficult.  These artworks are unique and require special packing to protect their delicate nature.  Packaging can take up to a week to get them ready to ship.  Shipping of original art is always FREE.  It is expensive, but I am delighted to do so.  If there is something you don't understand about this art, CONTACT ME!   a

ORDERING A PRINT is a bit different.  You may click on any of the PRINT thumbnails and you'll be connected to Artpal, a service/site I use to both print your artwork as well as ship it to you. Prices will be shown when you create an order as there are many variables, all very reasonably priced. They have many choices in size, as well as the choice to frame an image or not.  Canvas as well as metal and paper are offered and each will provide a different look.  I prefer gallery-wrap for many images (image wraps around the frame), for a contemporary look, but your decor needs may differ.

SATISFACTION is guaranteed on prints. ORIGINAL ART is non-returnable as the risk of damage is so high.  

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