Why my art is so different

I live in Long Beach, California creating visual art on canvas and board. I enjoy sculpting as well and often incorporate a variety of mixed media into my paintings whenever possible. I call these "dimensional" art due to the use of a variety of creative enhancements.   I paint the American West not in the sense of "western" but as images of the West as it is.  This is "country-style". Places rich in heritage and close to nature are disappearing as we transition rapidly toward the future, discarding the past as we go.  Components of these older eras are a terrific source of inspiration to draw from in ways that are creative, pleasing to the eye and insightful.   

 "I decided some time ago that the world was my audience and the internet my gallery.  My interest is in calling attention to the older eras that made us what we are today.  There is a ton of wisdom, hard earned from those who have gone before. Items from earlier eras were made to stand the test of time and they truly have done just that. Older ways of doing things also teach great lessons that can't be learned any other way.” 

 I've exhibited in several galleries and numerous shows throughout the West.  My artwork hangs in many homes and several countries and has won the hearts of many fans. All of my art has a story behind it. Perhaps you'll be part of the next story.

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