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Not so traditional Art of the west

“I love the American West.  It’s vast, colorful and filled with some of the grandest natural places in the world. It is land made for an artist.”

I refer to my prints as Contemporary Country style, as they are designed for those seeking to add a splash of color and interest to their decor. There is a bit of everything in my PRINTS collection as I'm certain you'll see.

Hiking the rugged Pacific Northwest mountains, travelling throughout the western United States and hitchhiking through Canada developed a keen sense of what I see disappearing in this modern age. No matter what edifices we build and create though, they eventually start to decay and return to the elements they came from. There is a certain beauty in this.

We're on this earth such a short while and are surrounded by many forms of beauty. You won't find true beauty by staring at a cell phone or the television though. It isn't enough to see it, you've got to experience it fully by being there.  These paintings are an invitation to experience some of nature and maybe get up, get out and soak up the spirits that abide there, before they are gone forever. 

I like art that is tactile. Textures that make up the fabric of nature create a means to relate to art on a subliminal level. Nature reveals itself in ways you must experience personally to appreciate.  Nature’s components are what shape who we are, not the other way around.  To that end, I try and bring a bit of nature into the living environment with the subtlety of nature’s colors, joy of common items and mixed media to add character.

Using sculptural elements such as wood, metal, paper, and sculptural mediums integrated into the image, I’ve managed to create works of art that expand into a room. Parts of some paintings are sculpted and the effect as light changes in the surrounding environment can be enchanting. These are paintings you’ll love to touch because they draw you in, blurring the line between reality and the painted image. 

Not all of my artwork is dimensional of course, and my subject matter is very diverse. I have a lot of interests when it comes to art. This is why I divided my art into the categories I did. My past history growing up around the world and experiencing more than most of us could in three lifetimes are to blame I guess. 

Those many visual experiences probably account for my love of the impact a good graphic can have on a viewer. Starting from high school where I began work in the commercial design field, I gained an appreciation of how art can change moods of people; stimulating a sale or creating a feeling of peace and tranquility. By the same token, anger, fear and excitement may be generated as well from powerful images.

While I don’t paint past experiences I’ve had such as climbing the pyramids in Egypt or exploring temples in the misty forests of Japan, there is more than enough magic to capture the imagination right here in the American West.

I enjoy wine, so I’ve painted the Wine Country. Historical mining sites fascinate me so I incorporate some of these into my works of art.  Mountains, trees, shorelines and farm country are all represented here as they are made of the stuff of dreams realized and vistas yet to be conquered.

I've been producing and selling art for a number of years to a growing collector base. My art hangs in homes around America and in several foreign countries. Perhaps you will honor me by being the next home where some of my art is hanging?  Art needn't be expensive, and I try and keep it that way so more can enjoy that which is my pleasure to produce.  If I can help produce something unique for you, please contact me! 

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